reTyre One - Go (Wire)

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Smaller size specially designed for city bikes

Meet our durable, fast-rolling tire suitable for road cycling and commuting. reTyre One makes you reTyre ready, with integrated zip-on technology that allows the fast change of the tire tread. reTyre One is the base tire that gives you the opportunity to continue cycling everywhere and all year-long, without the hassle of removing the wheels to change the tires. The One thing you need to be able to adapt to any terrain and/or weather condition in less than 60 seconds!

Fast Rolling

The fast-rolling, slick tread maximizes traction on asphalt roads and ensures a smooth ride year-round

Exceptional Rubber

Our unique NXT rubber compound has the optimal balance between performance and durability

Integrated Zipper

Our patented zip-on technology includes durable zippers integrated onto the side walls, the feature needed to attach the right tread and adapt the tyres to any road condition

 Size information: 

  • 26" (42-559) is a common size for Mountain bikes, but can also be found on city bikes
  • 28" (42-622) is the most common standard for hybrid and city bikes
  • 29" (50-622) works on the same rims as the 28", but is a bit larger. This size is common for E-bikes