No more excuses - winter biking made easy!

Fits 28" hybrid tyres

reTyre Urban Winter is made of natural rubber with high elasticity. Our two sizes (Medium & Large) fit the most common 28” hybrid tyres.

This also means that reTyre attaches firmly, acting as part of the tyre!

one-time installation

First you attach the blue zipper to your summer tyre by placing it between the tyre and the rim. It can stay on all year.

Now you are ready to mount reTyre in seconds when needed!

Quick and secure attachement

reTyre is attached to your summer tyre using our patented zipper mechanism. It is easy, durable and secure! 

Forget the old cumbersome tyre change – We have made winter biking easy!

How do I use reTyre?

Complete the one-time installation, and your are ready to ride!

Deflate the tyre just enough to fit the fastening strip. 

Insert fastening strips on both sides. They must follow the tyre's forward rotation-direction. 

Inflate the tyre to its recommended pressure, while you make sure the fastening strip stays in place. 

When needed: When you need spikes, attach the surface. Attach both zippers before you start zipping along the tyre. For easier attachment; stretch the surface and alternate the zipping.


Check out the "how to" video!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which tyres work with reTyre?

The short answer is that Urban Winter fits to most hybrid tyres.

The long answer is that it will fit with 40-622 to 44-622 by the ETRTO standard, which is equivalent to 28x1.50 to 28x1.65. In the french standard this is equivalent to 700x40C to 700x44C.

Whats in the box?

When you order a reTyre Urban Winter you recieve:

- Two surfaces, where each has two zippers with their rim fixings.

-A reTyre bag for storage and transport

How do I use the product?

An illustrated guide and video can be found above. The rim fixings can remain attached year round. When these are attached you can easly attach and detach reTyre when needed. If you are uncertain about the weather conditions you can just bring the surface with you!

What is reTyre made of? 

The studded tyre surface is made of natural rubber of high quality with high wet friction. The rubber is treated with carefully chosen additives which results in better durability. Each surface has 156 specially designed studs with carbide cores that are impossible to wear down. The studs are designed to minimise weight and use aluminium casing to improve your biking experience.

The pattern on the surface are specially designed for urban biking, with a pattern that provides low friction while maximising traction.

The zipper used is custom designed and of great quality. The zipper uses plastic and nylon to increase lifespan and resist wear from salt. The choice of material means our zippers survive the harsh conditions of winter biking.

The average studded tyre weights approximately 1 Kg. Through careful design and material choice we have manged to keep reTyre at around 500g. We have also taken into account that there often is little space around a bike tyre and therefore reTyre Urban Winter adds only 4 mm to your tyre height.

When can I buy reTyre?

reTyre is launching October 2017.

reTyre Urban Winter will be launching this autumn with some of the larges sports retail chains in Scandinavia.

Does reTyre work with e-bikes?

Sure! Get yourself a set of reTyre Urban Winter and have fun!

What if I want to return my reTyre product?

Send your reTyre product back in the same box as you recieved it in.

Remember to include a filled out return form and attach the mailing label on the box. This way the return is free :) We refund your purchase once we recieve the product in return.

If you have more questions about return of the product, contact us at