reTyre is looking for investors to grow the company

reTyre is looking for investors to grow the company


Are you enthusiastic about bike innovations and passionate about the environment?

Do you want to contribute to more year-round cycling?

We would love to have you on our team!

Two years ago, the founders of reTyre (Paul Amundsen and Sigmund Andenes) began the project to make year-round cycling easier and better. The result was the worlds first modular bicycle tyre, and after over 16,500 hours invested in development, testing, marketing and production preparation, the first product is ready for launch. This winter, reTyre is launching the winter skin "reTye Urban Winter" in Norway, Sweden, Finland (while testing the North American market). 

reTyre has come a long way through clever boot-strapping and cost-efficient work. Now that we are moving into multiple markets we are looking for smart capital to cover operating and marketing cost in order to ensure rapid growth.

Contact us at: or call 98 21 27 61  (CEO, Paul Magne Amundsen)

Note: All inquiries are welcome, but we ask a minimum of 50,000 NOK investment at this round. 

The reTyre team has grown from two student founders in 2015, to 5 fulltime engineers assisted by multiple part time students in 2017. The team has proven to be very capable of product development and commercialization. So capable in fact that we have provided consulting services within product development to fund the reTyre development. 

The reTyre project has progressed forward in a fast and steady pace. The company has been through multiple rounds of maturing, and has proven capable of creating revenue and achieving set goals. Through two years of successes and failures we have learned a lot, and are now ready for the final step.


We hope to have you on our team!