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reTyre Urban Winter

Studded skins that are quick and easy to attach to your summer tyres.

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Get ready - Winter is coming!

Having great traction is what’s keeping you safe on the road! With reTyre you can attach a winter skin to your tyre & get a better and safer ride!

It’s like having an umbrella for icy roads!

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No more excuses - winter biking made easy!

reTyre fits 28" hybrid tyres

reTyre Urban Winter is made of natural rubber with high elasticity that stretches over your tyre and therefore fits most 28” hybrid tyres.

This also means that reTyre attaches firmly, acting as part of the tyre!

Quick and simple attachement

For good traction on ice and snow you can quickly and easily attach your reTyre using our patented zipper mechanism.

Forget the old cumbersome tyre change – We have made winter biking easy!

Keep it simple: Free return

We love doing things the simple way. If reTyre doesn’t fit your tyre just return it for free with the box you received it in!

Learn more about reTyre and our guidelines for return to sender under “more questions”.

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Optimal grip on snow and ice

reTyre Urban Winter uses natural rubber of the highest quality providing great friction on wet surfaces. It has 156 carbide core studs which is optimal for urban conditions, and gives you the best grip and the lowest rolling resistance.

Only custom components

Zippers are used in the most harsh and demanding environments around the world, from offshore survivel suits to expensive baggage. We know everything about winter biking, and reTyre uses only the best quality components.

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reTyre is more than you think!

reTyre is looking for investors to grow the company
reTyre is looking for investors to grow the company

reTyre is now ready for commercial launch in multiple countries, and has over 5,500 pre-orders from private customers and large retailers. Now we are looking for smart capital to grow the company. 

If you are interessted in investing in something innovative - contact us at pma@retyre.no. 

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Historien om reTyre (Norwegian only)
Historien om reTyre (Norwegian only)
Den begynner med to ambisiøse studenter og en fiks idé. Hvor det ender er foreløpig umulig  å spå! Det første reTyre-produktet er i støpeformen, men hvor kom egentlig ideen fra? Piggdekk og glidelås?
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reTyre expo i Brüssel! (Norwegian only)
reTyre expo i Brüssel! (Norwegian only)
Vi er støttet av EU gjennom Horison2020, og vi deltok på #InnoSME16 i Brüssel! Spanjoler forstår ikke helt poenget med pigger på sykkeldekket, mens nederlendere og finner er i lett ekstase over reTyre. Oppmerksomhet vekker vi uansett!
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